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Information and preparation are just as important as the car you drive and the auto accessories you use. No car, truck, or SUV and no amount of gadgets will make anyone a safe driver if they don't have knowledge and experience. These articles are where we share information and our experiences.

It is better to learn from the experience of others because no one has time to experience everything themselves.


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ADDVISOR outside view
Distractions & sun glare

Tinting vs. Polarization - What’s the Difference?

Tinting reduces the amount of light that passes through a material but polarization is needed to stop the invisible danger of sun glare.

HealthCovering your eyes from sun glare

5 Dangers to Your Eyes from Sun Glare and How to Protect Yourself

You hear about the dangers of too much sun on our skin and the importance of using sunblock all the time. We don't hear as much about the danger to our eyes from the sun's UV rays. Here are the 5 m...