Commuting to and from work often means dealing with unsafe driving conditions. Not to mention the intense sun glare during morning and afternoon rush hours. The frequent need to adjust your car's sun visor as you navigate turns and winding roads adds to the distraction.

The ADDVISOR® by SmartAdditions, Inc. provides superior anti-glare protection. The ADDVISOR Shade blocks 100% of sun glare and harmful UV rays from your eyes and face. The ADDVISOR Plus adds a polarized tinted pane for improved visibility. It’s like sunglasses your car wears for you.

Providing Two-Direction Sun Protection™, the ADDVISOR works seamlessly in cars, trucks, and SUVs. It's easy to install and designed to give years of protection.

And, Introducing our newest product, the LOUNGE-IT. It’s a high-visibility phone holder with secure hold and easy one-hand operation.


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The ADDVISOR Plus in Ivory and CharcoalThe ADDVISOR Ivory driver POV showing Two-Direction Sun Protection
The ADDVISOR Plus Sale price$69.95
The ADDVISOR Shade Ivory and CharcoalThe ADDVISOR Shade Charcoal in car showing Two-Direction Sun protection
The ADDVISOR Shade Sale price$49.95
LOUNGE-IT vertical mirror mount with phoneLOUNGE-IT package front
2 rails, 2 cleaning pads, 1 scraperMC-Kit - Contents - view 1
Multi-Car Kit Sale price$11.95

Features and Benefits


• Effective UV Protection: The opaque panel blocks 100% of UV rays, offering more comprehensive protection than sunglasses.
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 30-day full refund if you are not completely satisfied. We are also easy to contact.
• Free Shipping in the US: We process all orders quickly (in the USA) and your order typically arrives in just a few days.
• Universal Fit: Compatible with cars, trucks, SUVs, and (almost) any vehicle with a windshield; perfect for combating sun glare.
• Easy Installation: Easily transfer between vehicles with the optional MC-KIT. Suitable for cars, trucks, and even boats.
• Durable Construction: Made with the highest-quality materials designed to provide years of sun glare protection.
• Customer Reviews: Check out our customer testimonials and reviews!

The LOUNGE-IT car phone holder

• Easy one-handed placement and removal, no messing with clamps and buttons.

• Magnet hold and phone ‘rests’ prevent the phone from sliding off, even on rough roads.

• Rear-view mirror stem mount puts the map at eye level, no need to look down and away from the road for directions.

• Unique cradle design works for phones with both wired and wireless charging. Fits most smartphones large or small.