LOUNGE-IT car phone holder

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Sick of fumbling with your phone while you drive? Tired of chasing it across the dashboard on curvy roads? Worried that you're looking down at the map instead of watching the road?

We created the LOUNGE-IT™, an easy to use car phone holder, so you can forget those worries and focus on driving.
Our unique design combines magnets and physical supports for convenience and security.

Easy one-handed use with magnet hold

  • No clips, clamps, or straps - just set the phone down and it's held in place
  • 'Recliner' rests so phone won't slip, even on bumpy drives

Two mounting options:

  • Rear-view mirror arm puts the map at eye-level for safer navigation
    no more looking down and away from the road.
  • Vent clamp allows dashboard mounting (if preferred).

Unique cradle:

  • Your Qi or MagSafe phone can still charge wirelessly* with no interference thanks to the unique cradle design. Wired charging can be used while in the cradle.
    (*The LOUNGE-IT does not charge - use your own charging device separately)

Finally, a phone holder that's secure, convenient, and visible!

The LOUNGE-IT - focus on the road ahead.

LOUNGE-IT Phone Holder, by SmartAdditions

The lounge chair for your phone

Easy Installation.

Flexible positions.

Works with virtually any smartphone.

The mount offers both horizontal and vertical positioning. The horizontal orientation is perfect for dash cam apps, and the vertical is ideal for maps.

Standard 17mm socket is compatible with many common ball mounts. If you like your existing mount you may be able to connect the LOUNGE-IT.

LOUNGE-IT is compatible with wired and wireless charging phones

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Gary Smith
Finally! A phone holder that doesn't rely on adhesive!

Love the new LOUNGE-IT car phone holder. I have bought and then thrown away two phone holders I got on Amazon of a totally different design - they stuck to the dash with suction backed up by sticky adhesive. Not this one - it is sturdily built, attaches positively and stays there. I have it almost fully extended, which seems to make it ever so slightly wobbly, but it is in no danger of falling or losing its grip. Looking forward to see the improvements they make in the next generation - it just seems close to perfection as built.

Hi Gary,
We are glad to hear this is working so well for you.
Those other suction cup mounts failed for us too and that's why we wanted a better way to connect to the car for our design
Thanks very much for your review!
Enjoy the drive!

Victoria P
Works well

Easy to install, easy to use. A little bit difficult to remove it from the mirror arm, you have to move to the passenger seat to be able to hold the top of the clip with your other hand while unscrewing the bottom piece, but overall it works well.

Hi Victoria,
Thanks very much for your review and comment.
We will keep this in mind when we make the next version.
Enjoy the Drive!

Virginia Casanova

Just what I've been looking for. Easy to attach and easy to remove.

Hi Virginia!
Thanks so much!
We are so happy to hear the LOUNGE-IT is working for you.
Enjoy the drive!

It didn't fit in my 2012 Toyota Tacoma!

No matter how much I tried to get it to go on the mirror, it wouldn't fit. Same with the vent clip. I'll probably send it to one of my kids so it won't be a waste of my money.

Hello T.W.
We are sorry to hear this did not fit your Tacoma. Recently we are hearing about a few cars and trucks with narrow mirror stems.
While we can't fix the Lounge-It right away we are listening to you.
To help other drivers in advance we have added fitting information to the product page along with a list of vehicles where the current clamp is reported not to fit. We will add your vehicle to the list and your fellow Tacoma drivers will appreciate learning from your experience.
Next, we are designing a new clamp that will fit vehicles with smaller mirror stems. This will take time to develop, test, and manufacture to our quality standards but we are determined to improve and help more people in the future.
Thank you for sharing here, we want to hear both the good and the bad so we can get better.
Enjoy the drive!


Not as good as it sounds!

Hi Jerome, We're sorry to hear that it is not working out as well as you expected.
Could you contact us by email or phone and let us know what isn't working for you?
(help [at] SmartAdditions [.] com)
We'd like to help if we can and also learn so we can improve the LOUNGE-IT in the future.
Thanks you and Enjoy the Drive,
Greg Tucker