SmartAdditions was founded to help drivers enjoy more safety and comfort on the road. There is more to that than just making and selling great products.

Information and preparation are just as important as the car you drive and the auto accessories you use. No car, truck, or SUV and no amount of gadgets will make anyone a safe driver if they don't have knowledge and experience. These articles are where we share information and our experiences.

It is better to learn from the experience of others because no one has time to experience everything themselves.


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How do I hate commuting? Let me count 10 ways
Driving safety

How do I hate commuting? Let me count 10 ways

For over 30 years I’ve commuted in and around several major metropolitan areas. While each place is different in some ways, some problems are universal. Here I’ll share some of the bad things I’ve ...

AccidentsHow the sun makes pedestrians invisible

How the sun makes pedestrians invisible

On a July evening, Forest Brown was driving carefully down a residential street, not exceeding the 25 mph speed limit. The evening sun was bright and glaring off other cars, making it very difficul...

Auto MaintenanceCar Sun Glare Solutions

Car Sun Glare Solutions

How can you keep car sun glare from ruining your day? We all hate sun glare while driving but most of us only think about it when we’re looking into the sun. We forget about it after we drive away ...

AccidentsDangerous driving ahead

8 Common Road Hazards and How to Deal With Them

You have probably heard that it’s safer to travel by plane than by car. But while one statistical model seems to validate this supposition, reality is more complicated. (Isn't it always?) According...

Auto MaintenanceStay vigilant image

11 Car Safety Hacks That Could Save Your Life

  We go to amazing lengths to keep ourselves and our families safe from harm. As a nation we spend countless billions annually on health and safety products, eating healthy foods, exercising, inst...

Distractions & sun glareDriving while texting is bad

How Dangerous is Distracted Driving?

You’ve heard over and over that getting distracted when driving is bad, and we’ve all seen other drivers looking at their phones instead of the road, but do you know just how dangerous are these d...