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Color: Ivory+Amber

Opaque visor + Amber tinted extension

The only independent visor that protects your eyes—and your safety—from two directions at once. Easy to install, put your ADDVISOR exactly where you need it then move the car's built-in visor to the side window.

Set up 2DSP, avoid the duck-and-flip, and enjoy your drive.

  • Two-Direction Sun Protection™ (2DSP) in virtually any vehicle
  • Polarized Tinted VISOR for enhanced UVA & UVB protection without sunglasses
  • Two colors (Ivory and Charcoal) available to blend with the most common light or dark interiors
  • Shorter drivers enjoy better glare protection with flexible positioning
  • Does not interfere with visor-mounted accessories like garage door openers
  • Stows conveniently out of the way when not in use
  • Genuine 3M adhesive strips stay attached in all temperatures and remove without a trace
  • The ADDVISOR is not like cheap clip-ons or 'extenders'. It is the only completely independent add-on visor that blocks glare through the windshield while your car's built-in sun visor can move freely to the side window.

Select Ivory or Charcoal to blend with light or dark interiors before adding to cart.

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Customer Reviews

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Nice design. May be a little too large for smaller vehicles.

I got two; one for our truck and the other for our Subaru.

The truck had enough clearance for the visor to operate properly, but the Subaru is a little tight. I had trouble getting it to fit in the narrow space available between the door pillar and the electronics pod at the center. This is made worse by the new to slide the visor onto the bracket from the side. The instructions don't allow for this and I initially had the bracket located (per instructions in the center of the steering wheel) in a position that didn't allow either for sliding the visor onto the bracket or, once there, maneuvering the visor.

I'm not sure what the solution might be so others can avoid this issue (maybe a smaller visor?)

Hello UtahPete,
We greatly appreciate your review and feedback!
I have a Subaru Forester myself. In tight spaces the best tips for sliding the visor onto the mounting rail is to:
Fold the visor out from the DualHinge so it is out towards you and away from the windshield.
(Hope this is clear, we'll work on a picture for the installation page).

We try to learn and improve from every comment and we will look for ways to fit better with a future model.
Enjoy the drive!

Kenneth D
Perfection redefined

I have the ADDVISOR in my car. I've been using it for awhile now. It is perfection redefined. It should be standard equipment in all cars.

Brian Smith
Been looking for something like this.

I purchased a cheap imitation of something like this on Amazon. Was cheap and the heat bent the see through visor on it. Then comes the ADDvisor, very good quality. I use it in my big rig truck.


Been looking for this solution for years. ADDvisor solves the need for a two directional sunvisor. OEMs should take note and install on all vehicles. The visor is a bit over engineered and expensive but is the best option I’ve found so far.

Lisa C
Looking for years!

I have been looking for something like this for years! I just installed it and it works great.

The ADDVISOR plus - dimensions

Size information

The MainVisor (13" x 4.5") is the same on both the Shade and Plus models.

The Shade model does NOT include the tinted pane.

Size information

The MainVisor (13" x 4.5") is the same on both the Shade and Plus models.

The Shade model does NOT include the tinted pane.

The ADDVISOR plus - dimensions