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The ADDVISOR in Times Square - Danny and Greg react

The ADDVISOR in Times Square - Danny and Greg react

Danny Johananoff – President and founder, SmartAdditions, Inc.

For many people seeing their name in lights is a lifetime dream. As an artist my name has been on many exhibitions but never in such a prominent place as Times Square.

My photography style involves capturing what is before the lens in a way that we do not normally see. While creating The ADDVISOR was different in many ways it did require the same ability to imagine the final result without being able to see it at the start.

I have always felt that “If it is not original, it is not challenging” and I love to challenge myself. The ADDVISOR was born from my frustration with how car sun visors fail to comfortably block sun glare as the road turns. I did not see anyone else solving that problem, so I decided to fix it myself, not just for me but for everyone who suffers from the glare.

It may be ironic to see my vision, to block the glaring sunlight, made visible on such a billboard, but I find joy in it as well.

Greg Tucker – CEO, SmartAdditions, Inc.

Shepherding an invention from the idea through production and out into the world is a challenging process. The same is true for launching a new company to bring that product to market. The hard work happens ‘behind the scenes’ and is invisible from the outside.

The reward comes when the product and startup you have worked to launch starts to gain notice and positively impact people’s lives. That is why I am gratified to see The ADDVISOR appear in Times Square NY and to hear people sharing how it improves their daily driving.

As a daily commuter I have spent thousands of hours driving with sun, rain, and snow, surrounded by other drivers all facing the same conditions. Building products like The ADDVISOR and the LOUNGE-IT, both designed to make life on the road safer and more comfortable, makes me grateful that I am involved in bringing them to everyone with whom I share those roads.

Celebrity endorsement and appearing in Times Square 

Forbes Riley knows good products. She saw The ADDVISOR and was instantly impressed by its smart and effective design. Forbes agreed to introduce The ADDVISOR in Times Square and help share this innovative car sun glare solution with the world.

We want to celebrate this moment by offering you a special one-time discount for reading this far and believing in our journey. Buy any ADDVISOR or LOUNGE-IT products on our website and use the code “TimesSquare” (no quotes) at checkout to get 15% off your purchases. Discount good for one visit, only valid for June 2024, and cannot be combined with any other offers.

Come to TheADDVISOR.com and save money and your vision at the same time.

Thank you and enjoy the drive!
Danny and Greg at SmartAdditions

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